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Kickstart your basic keto diet

What’s a basic keto diet? A basic keto diet is considerably higher in fat and lower in carbs than is typical of modern diets with pasta, bread and potatoes as their staples. Your protein intake will remain pretty much the same, although if in doubt, it may be wise to...

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3 ways to measures ketones: which is best?

Intro: the age of Do-It-Yourself at-home medical technology The medico-technological age we’re in goes by many names, such as biohacking, self-experimentation or the quantified self. A lot of it is about tracking biochemical markers and performance metrics that can...

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Is a Vegan Ketogenic diet Possible ?

Your friend the vegan   Picture this. Your friend the vegan who’s always up on the latest plant-based superfood suddenly mentions wanting to try this thing called a ketogenic diet - more specifically, a vegan keto diet. You’re told a ketogenic diet is super high...

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